When an executive asks...

...My business has been my lifeís work. What role do I want business to play in my future?
...I have at least another 30 years. Where do I go from here?
...What am I passionate about beyond business?
...How does business fit my purpose in life?
...What relationships are important to me and what am I willing to do to strengthen them?
...How can I give back to the community and the people who have supported me?
...What legacy will I leave?
...How will my legacy matter?

The answers may be found in CEO Journey which is a group-centered, facilitator-lead program. It has curriculum-based meetings with extended member relationships and community.

Learn how to have a successful business life and a successful personal life.

Characteristics of CEO Journey members
  • Achieved business success
  • Rethinking the role of business in their life
  • Seek a purpose beyond power, money or business accomplishments
  • Want answers to their Significant Questions
  • Willing to explore these questions with a group they like and respect
CEO Journey meeting process
  • Guided by proven, multi-faceted curriculum
  • Experiential learning, discussions, books, films and activities
  • Safe and confidential environment
  • Members connect with themselves and each other at deep impactful levels
  • Members discover their answers to the questions that brought them to the group
What are the benefits of joining CEO Journey?
  • Increased clarity--Identify emerging priorities and make better decisions
  • Improved relationships--Foster relationships that are mutually enriching and satisfying
  • Enhanced wellness--Better self-care, mentally and physically
  • Improved vitality and resilience--Purposeful, focused energy
Join CEO Journey and make this the turning point of your life.