• Build awareness & introspective skills to gain greater understanding of ourselves
  • Develop new insights at critical turning points in your career & in your life
  • Do deep inner work and connect inner and outer selves in order to live more intentionally
  • Connect with a supportive community
What attracts people to the Journey? Something happens and you cannot look at the world in the same way the P.A.R.I.S. model provides some explanation of rationale or as one man puts it I decided to take a look under the hood.
P. = Personal growth
  A. = Aging
    R. = Relationships
      I. = Identity
        S. = Security

A journey toward wholeness, alignment of inner and outer actions and intentions
A journey that allows us to discover ourselves
Live an even fuller more meaningful life
Manage transitions more effectively
Create your legacy with more clarity moving from success to significance
Make more fully conscious choices
Increased emotional/physical wellness

Our goal is to have a climate of support that brings out the goodness in us all.
  • Practice being curious using appreciate inquiry
  • Embrace multiple personal right answers
  • Listen Generously
  • You decide what and how much you share
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Apply what you learn between meetings
This group goes beyond the man who said I know how to handle transitions, cry, get drunk, and move on. Although occasionally that too could be another right answer.